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Roll Out, Cowboy

Award winnIng documentary feature directed and produced by Elizabeth Lawrence in 2010.


Chris "Sandman" Sand is a rappin' cowboy from Dunn Center, North Dakota (population: 120 and shrinking). He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps. Sandman looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like LL Cool J. Roll Out, Cowboy follows the 39-year-old country/hip-hop musician as he tours the American West, performing for rural towns who might not have heard live hip-hop before. Sandman's story is the struggle of an artist trying to make a buck. In a tough economy, can your American dream still carry a tune?


Available on VOD.


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So Far Above Humans They Are


Short film and installation by Elizabeth Lawrence & Amanda Stymeist.


Comissioned by The Cameron Art Museum in North Carolina and showcased in their "From Gatehouse to Winehouse" exhibition, September 23, 2012 - February 10, 2013.


Elisabeth Chant: Oil painter by day and occult visionary by night.


Artist Elisabeth Chant (b.1865) was well known during the Arts and Crafts movement for her oil paintings and teaching. After Chant's death in 1947, hundreds of her watercolor paintings were discovered; along with a journal which documented her reoccurring psychic visions with the occult.


The film explores excerpts, artwork and interpretations of Chant's journeys to and from the Astral World.


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La Marqueta


Short film series by Elizabeth Lawrence with Sonia Gonzalez.


A parisian TV host now living in Brooklyn, Sonia vistis one of the oldest markets in Williamsburg called LA MARQUETA. Home to 20+ latino vendors, La Marqueta sells food, haircuts, music and gifts.


Every episode, Sonia visits a different vendor and learns about their craft. One day she works in a Dominican restaurant and another she's learning to cut hair in a Barbershop.


The short films of LA MARQUETA are a show and tell of culture and craft. They instruct and highlight a marketplace built for the community and run by the community.


All four episodes screened at the San Antonio film festival in 2013.


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