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Elizabeth Lawrence is a documentary producer/director/schemer residing in Los Angeles. She has worked in the film industry for over ten years. In 2010, she made her directorial debut with, ROLL OUT, COWBOY. The feature film toured over 50 film festivals world-wide, received six Best Documentary awards and acquired distribution. In 2011, she was invited to make several short films during a year-long fellowship at UnionDocs in Brooklyn, NY. In 2012, she co-directed a documentary short with Amanda Stymeist called, 'So Far Above Humans They Are.' The film was on exhibition at the Cameron Art Museum in North Carolina. Lawrence is currently directing her second feature documentary titled, ALDINE.


Executive Producer/Communications





Amanda Stymeist is a filmmaker/installation artist based in New York City. Her expertise is in creating mood and immersive experiences through tangible space and purposeful details. She has collaborated with numerous filmmakers, through installation, by providing an interactive theatre space with which the audience can further engage with the film's story. Other work can be seen/experienced in NYC every month during her private supper club experiences: Epic Eats. Stymeist co- directed/animated the short SO FAR ABOVE HUMANS THEY ARE with Lawrence in 2012. She is currently working on an audio documentary about a pet duck. ALDINE marks her debut feature film.

A CBS news producer turned documentary filmmaker, Boutin is excited to again collaborate with Elizabeth Lawrence and Amanda Stymeist.

Boutin's feature documentary film, Roll Out Cowboy won Best Documentary at Seattle True Independent, Edmonton, Calgary among others. He also produced documentary shorts, "La Marqueta," and "So Far Above Humans They Are."

When he's not hustling documentaries, Boutin works in corporate communications. Boutin's also a science fiction fanatic, zine maker and dog rescue advocate.

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